Karbid wolframu kreslení zemřít, kreslení zemřít
Tungsten carbide tegning die, tegning die
Wolfraamcarbide sterven, sterven tekening tekening
Tungsten carbide drawing die, drawing die
Carbure de tungstène die, die de dessin de dessin.
Wolframkarbid, die sterben, Die zeichnen Zeichnung
Carburo di tungsteno, morire, morire di disegno di disegno
Wolframkarbid tegning dør, tegning dø
Die, die de desenho de desenho de carboneto de tungsténio
Carbură de tungsten desen mor, mor de desen
Рисование умирают, рисование умирают из карбида вольфрама
Carburo de tungsteno mueren, mueren de plano de dibujo
Volframkarbid ritning dör, rita dör
Tungsten karbür kalıp, kalıp çizim çizim
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Tungsten carbide drawing die

Tungsten carbide drawing die

Tungsten carbide drawing die is a tool consisting highly polished, shaped hole for that wire is drawn to reduce its diameter. Our series of tungsten carbide dies and drawing dies, heading & punching dies, cold heading & stamping dies, etc. We also manufacture customers’ special design of tungsten carbide drawing dies for many clients. These dies are with excellent hardness, great wear-resistance and polishing surface in order to draw different fine wires, such as stainless steel, copper and stretching the tubes.

Drawing die recommend grades
Wiredrawing dies a wide range of USES, such as electronic devices, radar, television, instruments and spaceflight high-precision silk material used and common tungsten, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire, cable wire and various alloy with SiDou is drawing mode control out of the diamond, diamond wire drawing die due to the natural diamond, which has strong as raw materials of high wear resistance, the use of life.
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