Válečkové karbidu wolframu, karbidu wolframu válečky
Wolframcarbid rullen, wolframcarbid ruller
Wolfraamcarbide roller, wolfraamcarbide rollen
Tungsten carbide roller, Tungsten carbide rollers
Carbure de tungstène à rouleaux, les rouleaux de carbure de tungstène
Wolframcarbid Walze, Hartmetall-Rollen
Carburo di tungsteno a rulli, rulli in carburo di tungsteno
Wolframkarbid roller, Wolframkarbid ruller
Rolo de carboneto de tungstênio, carboneto de tungsténio rolos
Carbură de tungsten role, role carbură de Tungsten
Карбид вольфрама валик, ролики из карбида вольфрама
Rodillo de carburo de tungsteno, rodillos de carburo de tungsteno
Volframkarbid vält, volframkarbid vältar
Tungsten karbür silindir, Tungsten karbür silindirleri
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Tungsten carbide roller

Tungsten carbide roller

We manufacture and supply tungsten carbide rollers for many clients worldwide for years. Competitive price, excellent roller properties and best service are the guidelines we always insist in doing business. The tungsten carbide rollers we can manufacture are with various specification and tungsten carbide grades. Besides, we can also manufacture tungsten carbide rollers according to customers’ special design.

Tungsten carbide rolls ring data sheet
Tungsten carbide roll ring is a kind of tool material which consists of tungsten carbide and cobalt with high hardness and wear resistance. To take advantage of high wear resistance, long life and high efficiency of cemented carbide roll rings during the high speed rolling, attention should be paid as follows when purchasing and using cemented carbide roll ring.
YGH T series of roll rings
As compared with conventional cemented carbide roll rings, the new generation of YGH-T series of rolls rings for high speed rolling of steel bars has a higher resistance to impact and thermal fatigue and a very high wear resistance as well.
Stands of finishing rolling mills
The selection of the series of YGH-T tungsten carbide grade for roll rings used for different stands is listed in the Table.
Finished carbide roll rings
Dimensions and precision of the finished carbide roll rings
1, Outside diameter: 145mm-380mm
2, Inside diameter: 87mm-260mm
3, Height: 62-130
We can supply them according to the drawings provided by customers.
Roll rings for ribbed steel bars
Roll rings for high speed rolling ribbed steel bars
Cold rolling ribbed steel bars
Our company is a kay enterprise engaged in manufacturing all kinds of rolls for cold rolling.All rolls feature:
1.Improved mechanical properties;
2.Good surface finish and corrosion-resistance;
3.Longer tool life and possible to 600-ton steel bars,suitable repeated use.
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