míč wolframu, karbidu wolframu míč slitiny wolframu
Wolfram ball, wolframcarbid ball, wolfram legeret ball
bal wolfraam, wolfraamcarbide bal, wolfraam legering bal
tungsten ball, tungsten carbide ball, tungsten alloy ball
boule de tungstène, carbure de tungstène ball, ball en alliage de tungstène
Wolfram-Kugel, Hartmetall-Ball, Wolfram Legierung ball
palla di tungsteno, carburo di tungsteno ball, palla in lega di tungsteno
Wolfram ballen, Wolframkarbid ball, Wolfram legering ballen
bola de tungstênio, carboneto de tungsténio bola, bola de ligas de tungstênio
Wolfram ball, mingea carbură de tungsten, Wolfram aliaj mingea
Вольфрам мяч, мяч из карбида вольфрама, мяч из сплавов вольфрама
bolas de tungsteno, bolas de carburo de tungsteno, bola de aleación de tungsteno
volfram bollen, volframkarbid bollen, volfram legeringen ball
Tungsten topu, tungsten karbür topu, tungsten alaşım topu
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Tungsten ball

Tungsten ball

Tungsten carbide ball are widely used in ball valve and bearing. We can offer various grades and sizes. And the requirements of each procedure are stringent to ensure that the products produced must comply with your request. We adopt the advanced technical. The ball has the high endured causticity and high endure grind, which could improve the life of the bearing, while elevate the value of your products.

Sintered carbide ball

Sintered carbide ball
1, Diameter: 0.4-100.0mm
2, Surface: Sintering surface
3, Density: 14.0-14.9 g/cm3
4, Composition: WC+Co, WC+TiC+TaC+Co
5, Can be designed according to customer's requirements.

Tungsten carbide ball
1, Diameter: 0.4-100.0mm
2, Surface: Sintering surface, Ground surface
3, Density: 14.0-14.9 g/cm3
4, Hardness: 1500 to 1600 HV
5, Composition: WC+Co, WC+TiC+TaC+Co
6, Applications: Valves, Pumps, Ball Screws, Measurement Standards, Gauging, Wear Parts
Tungsten alloy ball
1, Diameter: 1.0mm-100.0mm
2, Density: 15.8-18.75 g/cm3
3, Composition: W content: 85-99%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
4, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface
Tungsten alloy shot
Tungsten alloy shot is used as the shot of shotgun, hunting sphere. A shotgun is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder. The shot pellets from a shotgun spread upon leaving the barrel, and the power of the burning charge is divided among the pellets, which means that the energy of any one ball of shot is fairly low.
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