Karbid wolframu vrtání bitů, vrtání bit
Tungsten carbide bore bits, bore bit
Wolfraamcarbide bits, boren boren bit
Tungsten carbide drilling bits, drilling bit
Bit de carbure de tungstène bits, forage de forage
Hartmetall-Bits, Bohren Bohren bit
Bit a bit, foratura di perforazione in carburo di tungsteno
Wolframkarbid boring biter, boring bit
Bit de carboneto de tungsténio bits, perfuração de perfuração
Carbură de tungsten foraj biţi, foraj biţi
Бит из карбида вольфрама, бурение бит, бурение
Carburo de tungsteno bits, taladro de perforación de bits
Volframkarbid borrning bitar, borrning bitars
Tungsten karbür sondaj sondaj bit bit
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Tungsten carbide drilling bits

Tungsten carbide drilling bits

Tungsten carbide drill bits are made to be used on modern machining centers. These drill bits are manufactured with fine-grain carbide and titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) coatings to provide long tool life. As self-centering drills, they have a specially designed edge that helps to control chips and chip evacuation in most workpiece materials. The self-centering geometry and fine tolerances of solid-carbide drills ensure quality holes without additional machining. Tungsten carbide drills that have exchangeable tungsten carbide tips incorporate a steel body with the exchangeable tips that are known as crowns.
These tools offer the precision of brazed drills, and offer increased productivity at reduced operating costs. The carbide crowns used with this new generation of drilling tools are available in precise size increments and have a self-centering geometry to produce close diameter tolerances.

Drilling bits type CP
Tungsten carbide drilling bits Type CP(Flat Button)
Drilling bits type CB
Tungsten carbide drilling bits Type CB(Special Wedge Button)
Drilling bits type CS
Tungsten carbide drilling bits Type CS(Spoon-like Button)
Drilling bits type CE
Tungsten carbide drilling bits Type CE(Wedge Button)
Drilling bits type CZ
Tungsten carbide drilling bits Type CZ(Tapered Button)
Drilling bits type CQ
Tungsten carbide drilling bits Type CQ(Spherical Button)
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