Karbid wolframu brazed tipy
Wolframcarbid brazed tip
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Tungsten carbide brazed tips
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Punte di carburo di tungsteno brasato
Wolframkarbid brazed tips
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Carbură de tungsten brazed sfaturi
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Consejos de carburo de tungsteno brazed
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Tungsten carbide brazed tips

Tungsten carbide brazed tips

The tungsten carbide brazed tips we manufactured are with high hardness, which can keep cutting capability when working under high temperature. It always has a thin metal blade or disk with a sharp, usually toothed edge, which can be used for cutting wood, metal or other hard material. Tungsten carbide brazed tips are also used in surface processing of cast irons, colored metal and alloys, as well as nonmetal materials. Various specifications and grades are available for your choices.

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