Doporučit třídy pro zakázku, třídy karbidu wolframu, karbidu wolframu známky
Anbefale lønklasse brugerdefineret gjort, wolframcarbid lønklasse, wolframcarbid kvaliteter
Aanbevelen rang voor op maat gemaakte, wolfraamcarbide rang, wolfraamcarbide rangen
Recommend grade for custom made, tungsten carbide grade, tungsten carbide grades
Recommander le grade de sur mesure, grade de carbure de tungstène, grades de carbure de tungstène
Empfehlen Sie Klasse für maßgeschneiderte, Hartmetall-Klasse, Hartmetall-Klasse
Consigliamo di grado per custom made, grado di carburo di tungsteno, carburo di tungsteno grades
Anbefale klassen for skreddersydde, Wolframkarbid klasse, Wolframkarbid karakterer
Recomendo grau para custom made, grau de carboneto de tungstênio, carboneto de tungsténio graus
Recomanda grad pentru personalizat făcute, carbură de tungsten grad, carbură de tungsten gradele
Рекомендуем по индивидуальному заказу, карбида вольфрама класса, карбида вольфрама классов
Recomiendo el grado para la medida, grado de carburo de tungsteno, grados de carburo de tungsteno
Rekommendera klass för anpassad gjort, volframkarbid lönegrad, volframkarbid kvaliteter
Tavsiye için özel sınıf, tungsten karbür notu, tungsten karbür notları
Custom made series

Recommend grade for custom made

Recommend grade for custom made Recommend grade for custom made Recommend grade for custom made

Recommend grade for custom made

Cemented carbides are the hardest man-made metal-matrix composites. They are used in every major industry worldwide, from ballpoint pens - to mining - to petroleum drilling. The unique properties of carbide in its carious compositions and forms have made process industries and durable goods manufacturers more efficient by reducing machine downtime. The term cemented carbides refers to metallic carbides - fine particles of tungsten carbide bonded or cemented together in a matrix of a metallic element of a lower melting point such as cobalt or nickel. The process of powder metallurgy is skillfully employed to produce cemented carbides.

Grade, properties and recommended applications

Grade Density(g/cm3) hardness(HRA) T.R.S(N/mm2) Application
YG6 14.95 89.5 2580 Universal grades widely used in machining tools for cast iron, nonferrous metals and their alloys and nonmetal materials, wear parts, and tools for machining other alloys.
YG8 14.74 89.0 2710
YG6A 14.89 91.5 2350 Suitable for the semi-of hard cast iron, nonferrous metals and their alloys, and also suitable for the semi-finishing and of common cast iron and high manganese steel work-pieces and for other tools.
YG6X 14.93 91.0 2480
YG8C 14.69 87.5 2850 Mainly used for rock drilling tools and at the same time for drilling stone walls, cementin construction and installation work, and for machining stone materials.
YG11C 14.32 86.5 2940
YL10.2 14.45 91.5 2880 Mainly used for manufacturing strips and disc cutters and also for other tools.
YM80 14.76 90.5 2590 Mainly for manufacturing strips and also for other tools.
YS2T 14.45 91.5 2380 Mainly used for disc cutters and also for other tools.
YM15.1 14.05 92.5 2170 Suitable for the rough and of stainless steel, finishing of high strength steel, finishing and semi-finishing of hardened steel, and the machining of iron based heat resistant alloys and glass articles.

Note:Other grades and specifications can be designed according to customer's requirements.

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